Useful information
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Useful information

SHEP member BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society) has a dedicated webpage which provides advice to employers on the selection of Occupational Hygiene services. It also contains a search facility which enables users to find a consultant in the BOHS directory. Please follow this link to find out more.

Construction Fire Safety: Responsibility and Competence Matrix

Download the matrix here.

This matrix was developed through the CONIAC (Construction Industry Advisory Committee) Working Group which is affiliated with the HSE. The matrix is construction related, but will be relevant to any SHEP members that are considering building a new structure, extending or maintaining a building.

More details about the matrix can be found by following this link to the Construction Health and Safety Group website.

SHEP member BESA has developed an online Health and Safety Environment course and test which meets the H&S requirements for all Craft and Operative SKILLcards. This course is designed for those within the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industries. The course enables those working on site a minimum level of health and safety awareness and is a really useful resource if employees need site cards, but cannot get to a test site or travelling to a test centre is not possible.

H&S Course

BESA Academy

The Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV) is a collective of trade and professional bodies gathering intelligence, sharing advice and speaking directly with  government on issues affecting members in the current COVID-19 crisis:

These links provide a wide range of information that SHEP members may find useful:

HSE Manufacturing Sector Plan:

Guidance on face fit testing:

Welding Fume Control COSHH Essentials Sheets: Click here.

CDM 20-20 Vision – changing the culture

Although the CDM regulations have been in force since March 1995, there is still widespread lack of knowledge, misunderstanding and misinterpretation across the Industry as to how they should be addressed on projects of varying types, size and complexity.

The aim of this guide from the ‘Keeping Pace with Change Working Group’ within CONIAC is to aid the understanding of CDM 2015 by using a combination of ‘model’ case studies and a list of commonly asked questions.

Download the guide here.

Metalworking Fluid Control COSHH Essentials Sheets:

Welding fume safety alert – February 2019:

Welding Fume and Metalworking Fluid Seminar: Download information here

Filmed interview of Dr David Fishwick interviewing former plate welder, Phil Hynes. Phil developed occupational asthma as a result of exposure to weld fume: